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Ham Radio Sites:    Click on the Green links below:

AC6V HAM Information AC6V – Very Detailed Ham Information and Links
Amateur Radio Site Amateur Radio Site recommended by a student group (teacher Barbara Goodspeed)
Anderson Powerpole Anderson Powerpole Demonstration
ARRL ARRL Website (Note:  Non-ARRL Members are excluded from many of the pages)
 ARRL AT 100. A CENTURY OF HAM RADIO Video covering ARRL’S First 100 Years
 ARRL Hello Radio Video ARRL 4-minute “HELLO” Video that introduces Ham Radio
CBS Mystery Theater “CBS Mystery Theater”  Yes, old time radio
Circuit Design & Simulation Software Extensive Link List to Circuit Design and Simulation Software
Daily Science Update Daily update on Science
EI5DI Contest Loggers EI5DI Free Contest Loggers
History of Radio History of Radio – recommended y SRH website readers Joy & Lizzie McMahon
KE7ZZ’s wide ranging site KE7ZZ’s wide-ranging site (recommended by Past SRH President Harold Wood)
Meeting People with Ham Radio ‘Meeting People with Ham Radio’ (compiled by Mrs. K. Harris – a teacher)
Propagation Data  Propagation data
Public Library of Science Public Library of Science
QRP Information  QRP Information
Radio Electronics Electronics Resource Web Site
Telecommunications History Telecommunications History (recommended by a Girl Scout Leader – Abby)
Verizon Apps Verizon APPS for Kids (suggested by a person pursuing a Masters with childhood education)
WB6VUB Amateur Radio Site WB6VUB – Amateur Radio site

More HAM Radio Sites:    Click on the Green links below:

APRS  Automatic Position Reporting System
ARRL Latest Official League news, call sign base, test schedules,………
ARRL Audio News An audio version of the ARRL Letter.
BrightStorm FREE Instruction VIDEOS for MATH and SCIENCE……Very wide coverage…..well taught
Condor-Connection California 220 mHz linked open repeater network
Contest Schedule Listing of upcoming ham radio contests for you contesting buffs
CW History, Use, How-to Thorough description of CW history, methods, codes,how-to, etc. Articles, chat, forums, operating, DX, contesting, classifieds,…..
Electronic Components Commercial site with hard to find electronics, electro-mechanicals
Electronics & Amateur Radio Links to equipment, parts, services
FISTS Dedicated to promoting CW …… thousands of members….scheduled contests…..newsletter
Goat Mountain Repeater SRH Members Bobby and Maxine Mooneyham own this 220MHz Repeater
Ham Gallery Classifieds, QSL gallery, DX News, News flashes……..
HF Nets Links to many HF Nets— DX, WAS, IOTA, County Hunters,Emergency, MARS, Swap, Traders, etc.
Kansas Amateur Radio Links to 500 Ham Websites….well organized
Location of Testing Sessions (By State) ARRL information on where and when testing sessions will occur
North Hills ARC Sacramento, CA ARC (webmastered by Les Cobb)
NuMorse     Well written Shareware to help you learn the Morse Code – for Windows
NuTest            Well written Shareware to prepare for written elements – includes FCC Part 97 text, Study Guide, RF exposure tables, formulas
QRZ                Callsign database, swapnet, shareware, radio mods, ……..
Radio Hobbyist Links to SWL, Ham, and hobby sites
WB6VUB – Amateur Radio Lots of good links

RV Related Sites:    Click on the Green links below:

California Government Legislation, Motor Vehicle Rules, etc.
California Highway Conditions – Hourly Hourly updated advisories for major highways
Class A Motorhomes Forum  Questions and answers from readers
Full Timing  Links to full timers clubs
Gas Buddy  Lowest and highest fuel prices by area
Go Camping National Assn. of RV Parks and Campgrounds. List.
Go RVing Recreation Vehicle Industry and Dealers
Good Sam Club Lots of links Photos provided by non-SRH RV’rs who are on the road. Some are areas we have visited
RV Maintenance RV Maintenance Videos
RV NET Links to manufacturers, campgrounds, etc.
RV Radio Network National net
RV-TENT-CAMPING GUIDE Camping Resources (suggested by a viewing Yosemite Park Guide)
The Camping Resource Page All Kinds of Camping Resources
TrailerLifeDirectory Nationwide RV Park list
Unforgettable Road Trips in America A Collection of Scenic Routes (suggested by Nicole while researching routes for an upcoming road trip with her family)
US Outdoor Camping Resource Guide (suggested by a viewing student)
Woodall’s Campground Directory Campground Lists

General Information Sites:    Click on the Green links below:

Britannica Encyclopedia Long time reputation for accuracy
California Assembly & Senate Representatives California Representatives in California Assembly & Senate by Zip Code
Centers for Disease Control… Information, tips, warnings, on everything from bicycle safety to biohazards
Earthquake Information USGS current earthquake conditions, preparation for, maps
Earthquake Reports USGS earthquake website
Euclid’s Elements ‘THE’ classic text on Geometry
Event Imagery NOAA satellite images
Fuel Cells Primer on how fuel cells work
Fuel Economy Site How does your vehicle’s gas mileage stack up
Gallery of Interactive Geometry Elementary School (help your grandchildren)
House of Representatives US House of Representatives
How Stuff Works Did you ever wonder how a remote control works? a diesel engine? a receiver?……..
Khan Academy Over 2,600 micro lectures on mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy. etc.
National Geographic Society People, places, and things galore
National Nanotechnology Initiative Federal support to nanotechnology research
New & Easier Way to give CPR University of Arizona
RX List Pharmaceutic information on over 4,000 medications
Scanning Electron Microscope Guess what these really close images are
Science & Technology Network Site features in-depth stories from space, medicine, and environment
Science Daily Magazine Fresh, brief, daily, topics on what’s happening in science
Scientific American Well regarded magazine on science and technology
Sloan Digital Sky Project Deep Space Sky Survey, Deepest sky map ever, cutting edge astronomy
Smithsonian Institutions    Aviation, Space, Art, and on and on….
Solar System Simulator Place yourself in many locations in the solar system and view planets from there
 Space Weather Sunspots, Coronas, Great photos of auroras, Solar wind
The Math Forum Links from Elementary to Grad-School levels
The Science Museum London’s Science Museum
U.S. Senate US Senate
Web MD health
Yale University On-line Free Yale undergraduate introductory courses in video

COMPUTER RELATED SITES:    Click on the Green links below:

HAM shacks now rely on computers to do logging, send CW, do digital signal processing (e.g.   PSK31, RTTY) and control tranceivers.  Therefore, the following links have been added to aid the amateur in keeping his/her computer running. The WebMaster can not guarantee the effectiveness of any site and the user must assume responsibility for use of any of these sites. Some sites may have optional services for which payment is required.

About step by step checklist to resolve Windows problems
Everythingcomputers trouble shooting guide, tips
Lockergnome tech newsletters, reviews, new products
Macfixit downloadable utilities, archives on older Macs
MacTech Magazine MAC obscure tech problems, huge archive
Microsoft Support huge collection of how-to
Supersite For Windows general info on your Windows operating system

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