More About What We Are…

We are:

  • A recreational vehicle (RV) group
  • A chapter of the Good Sam Club
  • Licensed amateur radio operators
  • Affiliated with the ARRL
  • Active with monthly campouts in southern California, Nevada, and Arizona
  • Communicators with Nets on 40 and 80 meters
  • Good sized with 45-50 RVs total membership
  • Recipients of a monthly newsletter; the Ham-O-Gram
  • Users of ham radio while on the road and at home
  • Participants in public service communication
  • Providers of volunteer examiners for FCC testing sessions
  • Supporters of the ‘Dogs For Better Lives’ non-profit charity
  • On-Going—–Started in 1980
  • A FUN Group                                                                                     

is a chapter of the Good Sam Club that is affiliated with the ARRL. Our Amateur Radio Club Call Sign is K6SRH.